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Since the most famous Turkish cuisines like kebabs and doner sandwiches are meat-based, many foreigners associate the country with meaty dishes. This is a big misconception as there are lots of local cuisines that don’t include meat or any animal-based products in their recipe. And while the inventors of such recipes didn’t precisely have vegans...
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Wine culture on earth has existed for almost as long as human ceremonies have. Therefore, it is widely accepted that wine is the most treasured drink in human history. And today, wine is still considered the epitome of style and good taste on any occasion. Many weddings treat their guests to some wine in the...
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Sipped slowly, with best friends or family, and after the sunset… Meet Turkish Raki, also known as the “Lion’s Milk” -unofficial, but by heart, the national drink of Turkey- is a centuries-old alcoholic beverage that has its own unique etiquettes and culture. While beer consumption increased to 57% in recent years, this spirit of sharing...
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