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Istanbul is not only the largest city in Turkey but also one of the most popular tourist destinations for visitors worldwide. Its rich history and culture were established during the Roman period, and its importance as a cultural center attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. This vibrant city has something...
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Top Cittaslow locations in Turkey
In a world where technology and mechanization have taken center stage, you would think that life would move a little slower. However, it’s quite the opposite scenario; we rush to get to work early, rush to beat traffic, rush to meet deadlines, rush to achieve goals before a certain age, rush to meet our dates...
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Traditional Turkish Food Culture
You may know Turkey or even plan to visit for its diverse culture, history, and architecture. But in between the cozy beaches, magnificent structures, ancient ruins, and stunning architecture, you don’t want to miss the country’s foods and cuisine. Turkey has an impressive culinary mosaic with countless influences from all corners of its Ottoman and...
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Vegan Food in Turkey
Since the most famous Turkish cuisines like kebabs and doner sandwiches are meat-based, many foreigners associate the country with meaty dishes. This is a big misconception as there are lots of local cuisines that don’t include meat or any animal-based products in their recipe. And while the inventors of such recipes didn’t precisely have vegans...
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Best Turkish Wines
Wine culture on earth has existed for almost as long as human ceremonies have. Therefore, it is widely accepted that wine is the most treasured drink in human history. And today, wine is still considered the epitome of style and good taste on any occasion. Many weddings treat their guests to some wine in the...
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Turkish Raki: National Drink of Turkey
Sipped slowly, with best friends or family, and after the sunset… Meet Turkish Raki, also known as the “Lion’s Milk” -unofficial, but by heart, the national drink of Turkey- is a centuries-old alcoholic beverage that has its own unique etiquettes and culture. While beer consumption increased to 57% in recent years, this spirit of sharing...
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