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Seas & Regions of Turkey

Each filled with diverse experiences

Turkey houses two of the world’s seven wonders and is home to the Church of Saint Peter.

Planning a trip to Turkey can be a big undertaking as you evaluate where you want to go and what you want to do.

Plan your trip in advance with this guide to the seas and regions of Turkey.

Divine Seas of Turkey

Turkey is surrounded by four bodies of water, all of which are known for their unique physical characteristics and historical stories.

While you can enjoy a scenic ride along these seas; there are many visitors who rather choose to take a cruise experience in the turquoise waters.

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Aegean Sea & The Mediterranean

The Black Sea

The Sea of Marmara

The Aegean Sea is an elongated embayment of the Mediterranean Sea that is contained in the 215,000 thousand square kilometers between Turkey and Greece.

There is a significant number of islands that lie within the Aegean Sea. There are so many islands here that this body of water used to be named the Archipelago Sea.

While many of the islands belong to Greece, Turkey does own a few small islands and a couple of bigger islands within this span. Many guests take advantage of the Turkish islands and their long sandy beaches.

The Aegean Sea also attracts tourists from all over because of its crystal clear waters. The low tides in the area make excellent sailing conditions, and some destinations within the region are perfect for windsurfing.

The Aegean Sea is the perfect destination for those who want a taste of life by the water with a perfect coastal vibe.

Most known for its high salinity, the Black Sea remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Its black water spans 420,000 square kilometers and is revered as one of the newest seas on Earth.

The Black Sea is considered one of the most compelling scientific observations on Earth due to its high levels of salt. The high salt content of the Black Sea comes from the bodies of water surrounding it, the Mediterranean being the primary provider.

The chemical makeup of the water makes for a unique floating experience that is a must-have on your bucket list.

Covering 11 thousand square kilometers, the Sea of Marmara is similar to the Black Sea. The salt content in the Sea of Marmara is slightly higher than that in the Black Sea but still less than the oceans that surround it.

This is another excellent tourist destination as it is known for its pristine waters and marbled islands. Similar to the others, the Sea of Marmara is excellent for sailing and swimming because of its low tides.

Many of our guests take advantage of the many islands that are encapsulated within the body of water. As with all of our destinations, the opportunities to enrich yourself in the culture of Turkey are endless.

Beautiful Regions of Turkey

Turkey has several regions filled with diverse experiences that you’re sure to love. Understanding the basics about Turkey may help with understanding the areas of Turkey. Be sure to make a note of your favorite activities in each area.

Black Sea

Aegean Region Turkey

The Aegean Region is nestled in the west part of Turkey and known for its stretches of beach that line the Aegean Sea. Its coastline and peninsulas are some of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey. You can linger on the beach or take a smooth ride across the clear waters.

If you feel like staying on dry land or merely changing the scenery, many ancient cities in Turkey are worth a visit and plenty of pictures. The magnificence of our historical buildings can only be fully appreciated in person.

If you’re more social and adventurous, perhaps paragliding over the water or enjoying our nightlife scene is more your speed.

Whatever your preference, the Aegean Region of Turkey delivers such a fantastic selection of experiences. It’ll make you want to stay longer.

Central Anatolia Region Turkey

The Central Anatolia Region is also known as the Anatolian Plateau. The people of Central Anatolia are known for raising livestock in these plateaued lands, referred to as the heart of the Turkish country.

Thanks to its rich geography of wildflowers and plants and as sheep cattle is the second industry in the region, carpet weaving, especially wool, is one of the primary sources of income for small villagers in this part of Turkey.

Central Anatolia is filled to the brim with historical sites. Because of its history of different people dominating the region, several cities are filling the area and bringing different cultures.

Each group of people that dominated the Central Anatolia Region at some point has its own culture and belief system. Absorbing this history and culture would be a fantastic addition to your trip to Turkey.

Cappadocia is the perfect place to visit for a fairytale feel to your Turkish adventure. It is known as the “Land of Fairy Chimneys” because of the beautiful landscapes that we find throughout these lands.

Cappadocia is also well-known for its romantic hot air balloon rides. These rides take you directly over the fairy chimneys and lend to a romantic atmosphere.

You can spend a night in the beautiful cave houses available throughout the area. These nicely renovated sanctuaries would make a peaceful end to a beautiful day.

If romance and fairytales aren’t your preference, Cappadocia has many other incredible landmarks to see. In Cappadocia, you can go trekking throughout the land and enjoy the picturesque scenes. If you want to go out, festivals happen year-round in Cappadocia.

Cappadocia is a land of many attributes, and we’re sure that there is something here that you will love.

Black Sea Region Turkey

The Black Sea Region of Turkey is known for being a geographically-rich area coated in a roaring green landscape. As anyone could tell by the fantastic scenery, the people of the Black Sea are deeply devoted to caring for the Earth.

Popular activities here include fishing and farming. While it will make you want to go off and start your farm, there are many opportunities to experience farm life and see the daily lives of the people who live in this magnificent part of Turkey.

Unlike the Aegean Region of Turkey, the Black Sea Region has coastlines that are steep and rocky. Because of the hills and valleys that make up the area, many major cities lie near or on the shoreline.

This part of the country is a fantastic addition to your trip around Turkey. You will get to view the bustling economy contributed and its agricultural roots.

Southeastern Anatolia Region Turkey

Southeastern Anatolia is the smallest region in Turkey, yet it is still historically and culturally rich.

Southeastern Anatolia is home to Mesopotamia, which is known as the beginning of civilization. This historical site is one of the most popular places for tourists to visit.

Southeastern Anatolia is the only region that produces oil for the country. This part of Turkey also bases its economy on agriculture and raising livestock.

On top of this, there is also architecture that dates back to the Middle Ages and many rivers to compliment the scenery. Bridges that trail over rivers also add to the picturesque scenes.

Southeast Anatolia is another fantastic addition to your tour in Turkey.

Eastern Anatolia Region Turkey

Eastern Anatolia is the largest region of Turkey, covering nearly 21% of the country’s land. This extensive reach of the property lends to notable differences in landscape, from the northern highlands to the southern mountains.

Eastern Anatolia is known for the dramatic differences between the region’s ancient structures and its classic steeples. The striking architecture is a must-see for your trip to Turkey.

Before seeing the churches, read about the historical context behind the churches in Turkey.

This intermingling of faith and culture from the grand chapels to the bustling cities make Eastern Anatolia unique and definitely at the top of your list of places that you’ll have to visit when you travel in Turkey.

Eastern Anatolia is also well-known for its people raising livestock. The land is not optimal for agriculture, so investment in breeding livestock is the primary income for this region’s local economy.

Marmara Region Turkey

The Marmara Region of Turkey is located in the northwest and is the junction between Europe and Asia. The area quite literally bridges the two sides together.

Before visiting the bridge that adjoins Turkey to the rest of Asia and Europe, you should know the history behind how the Turks migrated.

Marmara is known best for its olive groves, vineyards, and fishing docks.

As the most popular region in Turkey, Marmara is considered the most contemporary part of the country. Marmara is a can’t-miss destination on your trip.

Marmara holds the highest peak in Turkey as well as one of the most popular ski resorts. From these snowy peaks, Marmara goes down to its dense, green valleys.

This region also holds historical and cultural significance along with the other areas. Marmara has many mosques and tombs that are of exceptional architecture.

Marmara’s economy revolves heavily around tourism, commerce, industry, and transportation. Experiencing the city life and the culture itself would be the perfect way to experience several sides to Turkish life.

Mediterranean Region Turkey

The Mediterranean Region, of course, takes its name from the Mediterranean Sea that borders its land. It is most known for its long beaches, old cities, beautiful landscapes, and individual seasons.

Because of the many hills that go through the region, rivers often form. The formation of rivers lends to the beautiful Mediterranean landscape.

Rivers and mountainsides push populations into small concentrations along the seaside. These areas of high population flourished into great cities over time.

The Mediterranean Region is known for its fertile lands that give rise to the high line of agriculture in the region. The warm climate is perfect for growing products like citrus fruits and grapes. More foods can grow in this climate, and you would be able to sample all of them as a tourist.

The Mediterranean has relaxing beaches and bustling agricultural fields, both great for those who would like to enjoy the mixture of a beach and local experience-oriented vacation.

Thrace Region Turkey

Turkey’s Thrace Region is filled with vast vineyards and sunny sunflower fields, besides its rich history and fascinating culture.

The Thrace civilization was home to East Rome, West Rome, and the Ottoman Empire. Because of this broad span of history, the culture in the Thrace civilization is rich and thousands of years in the making.

Tourism in Thrace is on the rise. Previously tourism was untapped potential. Now, you can visit some of the most beautiful villages, opt for a wine festival, or if you would like to enjoy it more culturally, you can sit at a local cafe and sip your Turkish Coffee or Turkish Tea with the locals. The forests and seas are open for exploration and make this region a perfect choice as tour buses stay away.

Thrace is a location that you most definitely have on your bucket list. Be one of the first to see a tourist destination on the rise.

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