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Eastern Anatolia

The Fertile Crescent

Turkey creates an intersection of the Eastern and Western worlds, beautifully meshing the two. Its location and rich history make it an incredible place to visit.

One fantastic region to explore in this part of the world is Eastern Anatolia! This largest region of Turkey offers so much for the curious traveler!

Eastern Anatolia

If you want to visit a country rich with culture and emprinted with history, visit Anatolia, Turkey! The geography, landmarks, and culture of this region make it a fantastic world destination that no traveler should overlook!


The provinces that make up this region include Erzurum, Kars, Agri, Van, Elazig, Erzincan, Malatya, Tunceli, Bingol, Mus, Hakkari, Igdir, Ardahan and Bitlis.

The landscape changes drastically across the region. To the north, the highlands make up Turkey’s Siberia, while the south consists of mountain ranges that extend into Iraq. In the west, you can find fertile lands in the valleys and near the rivers, while wilderness stretches across the East.

Naturalists and thrill-seekers may seek a vacation here for the geography. Extinct volcanoes and slopes covered in snow for skiing span the region.


In this region of Turkey, you will find important landmarks that highlight the richness of this land. Learn about the rivers that continue to shape the way of life for many people of this region and historical sites that tell you about its upbringing.

The Tigris River (Dicle)

The Tigris, one of Turkey’s largest rivers, rushes through this part of the Anatolia region, bordering Mesopotamia. Since ancient times, this river served as a prominent source of power, irrigation, and navigation.

This river’s banks and waters house a brilliant array of wildlife. Onshore live wolves, foxes, and even tigers, along with an amazing assortment of flora. In the waters, live animals like river otters, Ganges sharks, and carp.


In Kars, near the border of Armenia, you will find the medieval walled city of Ani. This ghost town flourished about 1,600 years ago, as a trading center.

You can explore the ruins, bridges, and some of the five thousand churches still standing. Your scenic drive will stun you with incredible mountain views then take your breath away as you approach the gorge this city sits on the edge of.

Mount Ararat

Explore Turkey’s highest peak for an invigorating hike and gorgeous views. You may also want to stand on this dormant volcano that Noah landed his ark on in the biblical story of the great flood. 

You do need special permission to hike Mount Ararat. Contact us to book a hiking tour and we will be more than happy to assist you with the planning process.


Since harsh winters hit the region, they mostly depend on animal husbandry economically. So, much of this region you will find many shepherds. Along the Tigris and Euphrates, you will also find charming fishing villages.

This people of this region come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, including Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian, Greek, Arab, and Laz. Many of these languages are spoken in this area, and you will see a mesh of influences in everything from music to cuisine.

Where to Visit

This part of the country is full of history from the capital of Urartians to some of the masterpieces dated back to Seljuk Turks.

Check these places to visit in Eastern Turkey, which can be well connected with some of the jewels of the Black Sea Region.

Discover Eastern Anatolia Tours

Traveling across Turkey offers an incredibly diverse set of experiences as the landscape and culture continuously change. Many travelers overlook the region of Eastern Anatolia, as it does not provide vacation in the traditional sense.

This area offers adventure, history, and a silent beauty you will find on only a few places around the world. Do not pass it up.

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