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Turkey has a rich culture with lots of exciting traditions that tourists visiting the country love to experience. One of the most beloved Turkish traditions by both visitors and locals is the hammam or Turkish bath. If you plan to visit the country for the first time, this is an activity that will be recommended...
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Sipped slowly, with best friends or family, and after the sunset… Meet Turkish Raki, also known as the “Lion’s Milk” -unofficial, but by heart, the national drink of Turkey- is a centuries-old alcoholic beverage that has its own unique etiquettes and culture. While beer consumption increased to 57% in recent years, this spirit of sharing...
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Upon landing in Istanbul, or even before arrival, one of the first things to catch your eyes is an evil eye bead. It is a cultural thing that has over 5000 years of history and is still used all around the country, especially for a newborn baby, a brand new car, or even a newly...
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If you’re heading to Turkey, it may be best to brush up on your history of the magnificent destination. One feature is incredibly iconic and has a rich and exciting history behind it- the Turkish flag. The flag has tons of little fundamentals that will spice up your visit to the country. Where did it...
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