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Ever since the widespread outbreak of Covid-19, many countries worldwide, including Turkey, have put efforts to halt its national and international reach and consequently diminish its disastrous impact. From the onset, governments introduced travel bans from one country to another, and other people were asked to remain indoors except in case of emergencies. Today things...
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Turkey has a strong reputation as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Nonetheless, certain events in the past few years and the subsequent news coverage have raised security concerns among people traveling to Turkey. Moreover, 2020 has been an odd and scary year thanks to the COVID pandemic that has been making...
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You probably weren’t accounting for earthquakes in Turkey while planning your travel itinerary, were you? Well, you should. Turkey sits on major fault lines that run west to east and north to south of the country. That doesn’t mean you should be worried, however. Major cities like Istanbul are undergoing a re-planning phase to bring buildings up...
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